23 July 2024

volume 11 issue 2, 2023

1. Title:- Addressing the Solid Waste Management Challenge in India
Authors:- Dr. Anjali Gaidhane
College: Hislop college, Nagpur
PAGE NO: 1-6
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21288
2. Title:- Internet of Things applications in Healthcare
Authors:- Archana Chaudhary Thakur
College: Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Madhya Pradesh, India
PAGE NO: 7-10
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21289
3. Title:- Network Capability in Localizing Node Failures via End-to-End Path Measurements
Authors:- T Jayasree, V Venkata Rakesh Reddy, L Mohan Reddy, M Nagarjuna Reddy
College: QIS College of Engineering and Technology
PAGE NO: 11-18
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21290
4. Title:- Query-Driven Approach (QDA) that systematically exploits selection queries to reduce the data cleaning overhead
Authors:- Dr. Yamarthi Narasimha Rao, Alagadri Sreekanth, Thumu Venkata Ajay Kumar, Challa Jaswanth Sai, Nallagorla Ajay, Sai Venkata Sumanth Katragadda
College: QIS College of Engineering and Technology
PAGE NO: 19-25
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21291
5. Title:- Image Re-ranking based on Topic Diversity
Authors:- P Ragu Raman, L. Sai Susmitha, K. Surendra Kumar, T. Sai Teja
College: QIS College of Engineering and Technology
PAGE NO: 26-33
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21292
6. Title:- Ultrasonic Investigations of Molecular Interactions of Binary Liquid Mixture of Diethylenetriamine (DETA) with Ethoxy Ethanol at temperature, frequencies
Authors:- SARWADE M. P.
College: D. S. M. College, Parbhani, Maharashtra, India
PAGE NO: 34-43
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21293
7. Title:- Efficient Clue-based Route Search on Road Networks
Authors:- Dr Y Narasimha Rao, D Achyuth Kumar, K Madhuri, Ch Sandeep Sandilya, R Siri Chandana
College: QIS College of Engineering & Technology
PAGE NO: 44-51
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21294
8. Title:- Enhancing the Technique of Speech Emotion recognition using Feature Learning
Authors:- Mrs. T. Sunitha, K. Poojitha, S. Venkata Rakesh, G. Bhanu Swetha, B. Kasi Priyanka
College: QIS College of Engineering & Technology
PAGE NO: 52-59
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21295
9. Title:- Disaster Management System using Smart Phones
Authors:- Kethineni Keerthi, Appisetty Pavan Kumar, Narni Siva Srinivas, Katta Venkata Sai Tharun, Jajula Bhuvaneswara Rao
College: QIS College of Engineering & Technology
PAGE NO: 60-67
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21296
10. Title:- QR Code Generator and Detector using Python
Authors:- Mr. B.Naga Raju, N.Venkatesh, G.Dhana Lakshmi, N.Sai Chand, D.Haritha
College: QIS College of Engineering & Technology
PAGE NO: 68-75
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21297
11. Title:- Driver Drowsiness Detection System By using Python
Authors:- Mrs. M. Lavanya, Narapureddy Sravani, K. Pranaya Keerthana, V. S. V. Sarat Chandhra Pranit
College: QIS College of Engineering & Technology
PAGE NO: 76-86
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21298
12. Title:- Influence of Awareness and Roles and Responsibilities of the Board on the Quality of Financial Reporting in Jordanian Insurance Companies
Authors:- Mohammad WahppeAbedalhadi Alkasawneh,Dr. B.H. Suresh
College: University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysuru
PAGE NO: 87-107
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21299
13. Title:- Analysing the Impact of Entrepreneurship Training on Entrepreneurial Intention of Students of Arts and Sciences Colleges in Coimbatore District
Authors:- T.KAMALADEVI, Dr.M. Kousalyadevi
College: Hindusthan College of Arts and Science Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India
PAGE NO: 108-117
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21300
14. Title:- Kronecker Product of Even Cycles with Some Transformation Graphs
Authors:- M.P.Annie Subitha, B. Stephen John, A.Vijayalekshmi
College: ManonmaniamSundaranar University, Abishekapatti, Tamil Nadu,India.
PAGE NO: 118-126
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21301
15. Title:- Quantum Mechanical Study of 4-Alkyl 4-Cyano Biphenyls
Authors:- Devesh Kumar
College: SIddharth University, Kapilvastu, Siddharthnagar (U. P.) INDIA
PAGE NO: 127-134
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21302
16. Title:- Influence of Magnesium on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Pure Aluminium
Authors:- Vidhi A Mistry, Dr I.B.dave, Dr M.S.dani, Dr V.J.Rao
College: The Maharaja sayajirao university of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat.
PAGE NO: 135-145
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21303
17. Title:- Cybercrimes on Social Media using Machine Learning
Authors:- Nikita Hire, Pallavi Patil, Prof. Bhushan Nandwalkar, Damini Mahale, Jignesh Patel
College: SVKM’s Institute of Technology
PAGE NO: 146-150
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21304
18. Title:- Utilization of Nanotechnology in Concrete
Authors:- Ashvani Jain, B.P. Mudgal
College: IPS College of Technology and Management, Gwalior, M.P.
PAGE NO: 151-158
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21305
19. Title:- Effect of Various Plasticizers Concentration on the Conductivity of SolidState Poly (Ethylene Glycol)-Polyurethane Polymethylmethacrylate-LiClO4 Electrolyte
Authors:- GyaraYadagiri, Naresh Chilaka, Akshaya Raghavan, GavidiNagaVenkata, Satyanarayana, Sutapa Ghosh
College: Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
PAGE NO: 159-175
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21306
20. Title:- Ultrasonic Study of the Binary Liquid Mixture of Diethylenetriamine (DETA) and Ethylene Glycol at Temperature 296K and at Frequencies 
Authors:- SARWADE M. P.
College: D. S. M. College, Parbhani, Maharashtra, India
PAGE NO: 176-185
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21307
Authors:- Mr. S. Pradeep Kumar, Mr. G.Vishnu Vardhan
College: College of Engineering and Technology, S.K.University, Anantapur, India
PAGE NO: 186-196
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2023.V11I2.23.21308