23 July 2024

volume 3 issue 5, 2015

1. Title:- An Adaptive Convolution Neural Network based Learning for Precision Medicine
Authors:- Dr.BarakkathNisha, Ms.Aleesha Salim, Ms. AyshaNaushad, Ms. Abina P Nassar
College:- Ilahia College of Engineering Technology, Mulavoor, Kerala.
PAGE NO: 1-8
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2015.V3I5.15.20721
2. Title:- Efficient privacy preserving scheme for cloud computing
Authors:- Dr. Mani Arora
College:- Khalsa College, Amritsar.
PAGE NO: 9-14
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2015.V3I5.15.20722
3. Title:- Gandihan influence through vernacular newspaper to establish peace- A Study of Perception with special reference to Bhilwara City
Authors:- Shikha Parakh
College:- PacificUniversity Udaipur.
PAGE NO: 15-23
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2015.V3I5.15.20723
4. Title:- Plant Disease Detection,Image Processing,
Authors:- B.Praneetha, Nazia Tabassum,
College:- Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.
PAGE NO: 24-34
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2015.V3I5.15.20724
5. Title:- Feature Selection Methods,
Authors:- Dr.P.Manikandaprabhu
College:- Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
PAGE NO: 35-41
DOI: 20.18001.OD.2015.V3I5.15.20725